941.575.4500 bermontshootingclub@gmail.com

Members Perks

  • Discounted Sporting Clays, 5 Stand, and Wobble Trap.
  • Receive special group pricing for your church outing, employee retreat, or a family reunion.
  • If someone needs instruction, we will be glad to help.
  • Discounts on ammunition
  • Discounts on accessories and supplies
  • Notification and Participation in special bulk ammunition sales
  • A member only pistol range


Range Safety & Club Rules

  • Everyone must sign in at the Office / Clubhouse.
  • Everyone must sign a waiver.
  • You may bring a cooler with drinks, but all coolers must be inspected by Bermont Shooting club staff to be allowed on the range.
  • Final rounds of the day must begin thirty minutes prior to closing time.
  • Appropriate eye and ear protection must be worn at all times while on the course.
  • ABSOLUTELY no alcohol or drugs are to be consumed prior or during shooting. If a person is thought to be under the influence, or is caught drinking, they will be asked to leave immediately.
  • All shells purchased or reloaded offsite must be checked by management before using. Periodic checks will be made.
  • Shots no larger than #7.5.
  • Everyone must follow range official commands without exception. Failure to do so may result in removal from the range, property and possibly revocation of membership if applicable.
  • Any threats, misrepresentation by innuendo or direct contact, verbal or physical abuse, profanity, or aggressive behavior may result in expulsion from the property and possible loss of membership if it applies.
  • ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
  • ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to shoot.
  • Keep your action open and unloaded and on the station pad until it is your turn to shoot.
  • Keep the action open and the gun unloaded when moving between the gun rack and the shooting station or between stations.
  • Never walk in front of another shooter.


Annual: $200.00
6 Month Seasonal: October – March $135.00
* Add your older children (18-21) for $50 each
Corporate: $500 your choice of 4 Officers to be full time members

Members: $20.00
Non Members: $25.00

WOBBLE TRAP (25 Targets)
Members $0.42 Per Target
Non Members $0.55 Per Target

Members $0.42 Per Target
Non Members $0.55 Per Target

5 STAND (25 Targets)
Members $0.42 Per Target
Non Members $0.55 Per Target

$360.00 for 1000 Targets
4000 or more Targets $0.34 Each

Members $15.00
Non Members $20.00

Archery – Per Hour
Members $5.00
Non Members $15.00

Pistol Range
Members $15.00